Chateau Gaby Harvest Recap: The Story of Bordeaux in 2019


Bonjour! 2019 has proved to be a turbulent and enriching growing year for Château Gaby. Because our wine is pesticide and fertilizer-free, our grapes really reflect the journey our land has been through. Now that the harvest season is complete, we’re excited to get to work producing a rich, bold vintage with the story of Bordeaux in every bottle.


The year began with a wet winter and humid spring. Although a rush of frost swept through the region, our vineyards at Château Gaby survived unscathed. In fact, the moisture of these first few seasons lingered in the soil, nurturing our crops throughout the dryer months.


We experienced a hot summer in Bordeaux. In July, a heatwave brushed across Southern France, allowing our grapes to develop a delightfully concentrated flavor.  

By grace of a dry Autumn, our vines matured brilliantly. The dampness of the growing seasons offset the drought of our harvest, creating robust, perfectly balanced crops for what is projected to be a superb vintage.


2019 will be our second certified organic vintage. Complex, layered, and distinctly linked with the land, the personality of this vintage is projected to be unique and unforgettable. We invite you to take part in our journey by picking up a bottle of Chateau Gaby at a store or restaurant near you.

Eric Chalifour