Chateau Gaby is on Pointe

Chateau Gaby was a proud sponsor of the  25th Anniversary School “On Pointe” Gala for the Miami City Ballet which celebrated 25 years of unconditional support for the Miami City Ballet School from the community and its stakeholders. Today, the Miami City Ballet school programs are accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means. These programs give students confidence that translates back into school where they achieve higher academic scores and improve life skills such as punctuality and perseverance. The elegant gala started off with cocktails and of course Chateau Gaby, followed by dinner and dancing.  Guests enjoyed Chateau Gaby as they dined and danced the night away for a good cause in Miami Beach.  Chateau Gaby with its elegant red and vintage black fruits as well as lingering spicy notes on the finish was the perfect partner for this exquisite evening.

Matt Lawrence